|| My story

|| My story

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. Today, I decided to share a little bit about how my business began...

My love for calligraphy started when I would see images with this "fancy" lettering on them. I soon found myself researching and in awe of hand lettering. After practicing and teaching myself through YouTube videos and numerous notebooks, I started to realize that I had a love for calligraphy and loved creating.

Back in 2015, I started at my hometown market in Central Illinois selling only handlettered pallet wood signs. Two years later, I started social media and decided to take my lettering to other products-- stickers and cards.

In 2020, I invested in a laser machine--"Luna". This opened up my product offerings and expand what I am able to offer. While I may be done with creating pallet wood signs, I have now moved on to creating laser cut signs, charcuterie boards, keychains + more!

Today, I'm here to serve YOU! My hope is that through my lettering, I can inspire, motivate, and encourage you in your everyday life.

I'm always a message away!

Cheering you on! xo, Maria

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